It’s actually happening.

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WOW! Can you believe it? We’re in the airport staring down two tall beers and wondering how the heck we made it to the Los Angeles International Airport with our backpacks and sanity in tow.

We honestly couldn’t have made it here without so many people’s generosity. I’m gonna get semi-sappy here for a minute. First of all, thank you to our wonderful, super talented friend, Irene for designing our ‘Blondie and the Beard’ logo! The “Beard”‘ freakishly looks exactly like Matt and I can’t get over it. You rock Irene, we will miss you.

The remaining thank yous go out to my brotha, Jerad, for driving down to San Diego and helping us move out of our apartment. Those marine muscles really came in handy. Thank you to my uncle Kenny for letting us borrow his car once we abandoned ours in Tucson and Big Bear Lake. My dad for taking care of my Jeep and Matt’s dad, Tom, for taking in Matt’s FJ. Thank you CommNexus team for throwing me a Bon Voyage party and giving us some pretty sweet gifts. Thank you to our neighbor Gina for all the moving boxes!

Matt gettin work done!

Matt gettin work done!

Moving can really get the best of you...right J?

Moving can really get the best of you…right J?

Jasmine and Justin hosted a huge Bon Voyage party with most all our friends and made us feel so supported with our decision to take the leap from San Diego. The California photo-mural almost brought tears to my eyes and we will cherish that forever.


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We can’t wait for what lies ahead. Thank you for following along!


LAX Airport

LAX Airport

Blondie and The Beard

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