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I know, I know… another food post, you ask? We are pretty big *foodies* and *fatties* ….so, what do you expect? Plus, we couldn’t pass an opportunity to tell you about one of the best markets in London. We present to you, the Borough Market.

BoroughMarket4This place is buzzing with anything and everything you could ever want to eat or drink. Open for lunch only Monday and Tuesday, one can find the full market Wednesday-Saturday, but closed Sunday. If ever in London, this is a must. 
IMG_4608IMG_4607The Borough Market has everything from Thai street food to French delicacies. Walking the aisles, ducking and weaving the masses, one’s senses go haywire. Smells of freshly baked bread mixing with aromas from melting cheese with colors of ripened fruit are overwhelming. Where does one begin?

Easy. The salt beef sandwich, of course….IMG_4621IMG_4617Two pieces of freshly baked bread lathered with mustard topped with pickles then smothered high with homemade salt beef. Holy crap. Undeniably the best precursor to an extravagant eating adventure… it’s GOOD. IMG_4618IMG_4619I want to go swimming in that stuff.IMG_4620IMG_4622The salt beef juices begin to permeate the bread and napkin immediately, best dive right in.IMG_4623IMG_4624IMG_4625
Ohh yeah. That’s the face of approval.
Next on the menu, bratwurst.IMG_4635
Mustard & sauerkraut? Duh. Yes, please.IMG_4636IMG_4637 Ahhh… glorious.IMG_4639Walking the aisles, it’s hard not to sample everything. Almost all vendors offer tastes of their product(s) to the masses. Olives, baked goods, sweets, savories, mushrooms, curries, cheeses or fruit.BoroughMarket3BoroughMarketIMG_4658IMG_4657IMG_4634IMG_4675IMG_4613IMG_4640IMG_4610Is your mouth watering yet? Ours is…IMG_4609Brittany cannot, and will not, pass up a brownie… especially not a “naughty” brownie. As rich and decadent as it was, it wasn’t a bad decision. Health be damned, we were naughty.IMG_4614Our nose began to lead us in a new direction, we didn’t know where… but wouldn’t think to disobey. We could literally smell another entrance of the market leading directly to a cheesy, potatoey, delicious mess called Raclette.

IMG_4659IMG_4645Raclette is something from heaven. Consisting of cheese, potatoes and a side of baby pickles, it doesn’t get much better. Take a look how the cheese is prepared and applied to the potatoes…IMG_4642Starting with half a big ol’ wheel ol’ cheese, get that puppy nice an toasty under the burner. Next, scrape the ooey-gooey goodness onto the golden potatoes…IMG_4646IMG_4647IMG_4648If that doesn’t make your mouth water, I don’t know what will.IMG_4650After two tours of the Borough Market food porn march, we wanted to bring a gift home to Ed. Cheese was the easy answer. Cheese is always the answer.

Ed mentioned a vendor selling French Comté cheese and we mustn’t miss it – as it’s the best. We sampled the 18 month and must say, he was correct. A slice of Comté  joined our bag of veggies and fruit.

IMG_4611IMG_4612As the afternoon carried on, no longer could we withstand temptations of hot mulled wine.BoroughMarket2
At only €3.50, no one can.BoroughMarket5
The side effect of mulled wine: frizzy hair. Orrrr…. was that the humidity? Either way, worth it.IMG_4678We finished our day with a couple “good for you” juices, completely negating the guilty Borough Market calories.
All equaled out, right? 🙂IMG_4671IMG_4673IMG_4682IMG_4680IMG_4685

The Borough Market is the ideal occasion for food lovers. Don’t miss it.

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