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February 7, 2015 2 Comments

Ever have that feeling of sheer panic while you pack? Brittany gets that feeling about… always. Weekend trip? Panic. Two week trip? Panic. Open-ended backpacking trip across Europe? … PANIC overload. *Matt rolls eyes, exhales and exits room*

Here’s a little peek into our bedroom and the packing process

Annnnd, that has to fit where?! FYI Brit cut this down to about half in the end.

Packing was not an easy feat for either of us when prepping for this trip. We could only accommodate necessities to ensure all would cram into our backpacks, but it had to last for months. This trip, in particular, was a real toughie though – not only were we packing backpacks, we were juggling the task of packing everything else into boxes and put it in storage. Forget to pack something? Ohhh too bad, it’s now in a bag, in a box, at the bottom of a stack, deep in storage. The black hole of doom, not to be seen for months.

Although packing can be stressful, we’ve learned certain items remain in our weekly repertoire, time and time again. We’ve linked the products below, simply click the corresponding number. Everyone has different priorities and needs, but consider finding these items when making your next vacation or trip more comfortable.


1. Scarfs in general are heavenly in the colder months, but every girl (or boy!) needs a blanket scarf for traveling. These babies rock. I use mine on just about every airline, train or bus ride. ASOS has a great collection of them and they really are big enough to use as a blanket. Double thumbs up.

2. This travel pillow is by far the best we’ve used. Easily inflatable with a couple breaths and just as easy to deflate. The check-valve also makes it simple to adjust pressure after you’ve inflated. Effortlessly folds up and comes with a carry case. This pillow is ideal wherever you need to catch a few ZzzZzzz’s.

3. Fairly certain the bristles of this brush have magic in them. Especially if you have thin hair, which tangles really easily, this is the brush for you. The Wet Brush glides through wet or dry hair with ease. Ain’t nobody got time for nappy hair when on the move.

4. Okay, ladies, this one is for you. A curling iron is certainly not a travel necessity, but when it’s this simple to use and pack away … I’m bringing it every time. Cordless, butane- heated and compact. Curl your hair on the go. No brainer.

5. Everyone knows how amazing Lululemon is and if you don’t know, you really should. We don’t own everything Lulu by any means, but these Wunder Under pants really are the bees kness. Brit could wear these all day, every day. Stretchy, soft and perfect for traveling.

6. Germs are evil little b*****s and they are everywhere. The train, the taxi, the airline, the bus, the hostel, the public restrooms… you get the idea. No one wants to be sick while traveling, use this liquid protection and stay happy and healthy.

7. Matt swears by his REI daypack. Being the gearhound he is, he throws all the “essentials” inside and all that’s left is our adventures. Any day pack will do, really, but this one in particular seems to be on sale at the moment. Light, form-fitting, and full of utility = man’s real best friend.

8. We lucked out finding this down vest. Grabbing last-minute items from Costco, Matt stumbled across this $20 steal. The vest packs down to about nothing, folding within one of the pockets. We shouldn’t have to convince you down is premier when it comes to warmth:weight. Wear as an extra layer or alone.

9. Last, but certainly NOT least. The GoPro and GoPole combo. Certainly essential to capturing incredible memories and scenic selfies. Every adventurer/traveler needs one.

Leave us a comment and tell us your favorite travel items!

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  • Reply Jill Marschinke February 16, 2015 at 6:14 am

    Matt & Britt,
    It’s been wonderful following you guys on all your adventures! I’m so happy for you both. You’ve made some wonderful memories and friends that will last a lifetime. I’m so proud of you!! When Matt was growing up, I wondered what kind of woman he would pick. I think his choice is PERFECT. Good job big guy!!

    So Britt, thanks for the great tips on packing! I have a job that has me on the road 3 days a week, every week!! Ugh!! Like you, I’ve learned to pack light and have multi-purpose garments at the ready. I have to know more about the curling iron! What is the brand and where did you get it?

    Good luck on the next adventure in your lives!

    Love & hugs,

  • Reply Mom February 16, 2015 at 11:32 pm

    If anyone can organize that pile, its my Brittany K. Queen of order! I miss you baby girl. Cant wait for you and Matt to get here.

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